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What Is A Boston Terrier? Dog Breed Facts, Traits, Temperament And Care

Browsing for information on Boston Terriers? Learn facts, traits, temperament, and care information about the Boston Terrier dog breed.

The Boston Terrier is an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. They are lively and energetic companions easily recognizable by their tuxedo-like chest, muscular but compact body, and huge round eyes.

Their good manners have earned and gained them its nickname “The American Gentleman of The Dog World.” Here are some facts about their personalities, health, temperaments, and traits to better understand the Boston Terrier.

What Is A Boston Terrier? Dog Breed Facts, Traits, Temperament And Care

boston terrier guide

Boston Terrier History

The AKC certified Boston Terriers in 1893. This breed is considered a non-sporting dog bred in the United States. They are one of the ten breeds to be labeled as American-made and recognized by AKC.

This breed is a cross between a Bulldog and the now-extinct white English terrier. Robert C. Hooper purchased a mix of these two breeds in 1865.

He named his dog Judge because of his size and its muscular build. Judge was then bred to a white female dog of unknown origin. After several generations later, the modern Boston Terrier was born.

They were initially called Round Head Bull and Terrier dogs but was later changed to Boston Terrier in honor of the city where they were developed.

Until now, Boston Terriers remain their hometown pride. These dogs have been Boston University’s official mascot for over 100 years while in 1979, the state named the “American Gentleman of the Dog World,” Massachusetts’ official dog.

boston terrier characteristics

Boston Terrier Characteristics

Like most dog breeds, the Boston Terrier has some characteristics that set them apart. This breed of dogs is mostly individualistic and independent. Most of them are energetic, high-spirited, and sometimes boisterous. Others are calm, serene, tranquil, and dignified.

They are also occasionally stubborn, while others are gentle and warm. Overall, the Boston Terrier is a dapper, elegant, and charming dog. They enjoy playing games, like chasing balls and running around the park.

Their eyes are large and expressive with a sharp and keen cocked head. A snuffling and snorting sound is usually heard from these dogs when they want to speak and communicate with their owners.

The Boston Terrier has very distinct and unmistakable physical features that make them easy to spot in a field of dogs. These dogs are small, tiny, and sturdy with a compact build. They can weigh about 10 to 25 pounds and is usually 16 inches tall.

Their coats are smooth and short, typically white mixed with black, brindle, or Seal. Brindle is the brown streaks combined with other colors while Seal may look white, but it also carries a reddish tint under sunlight.

Other physical features include:

  • Big eyes
  • Short muzzles with a white band
  • Upright, vertical ear
  • Short tail, which can either be straight or curled
  • White chest

boston terrier traits

Boston Terrier Facts and Statistics

The Boston Terriers are a fun and energetic breed perfect for most households. Here are some facts if you are considering taking home one of these cheerful and carefree companions.

Bred for:

Male – 17 inches
Female – 16 inches

Weight Range:
Male – 15 to 25 lbs.
Female – 10 to 20 lbs.

Length: Short
Colors: Brindle with white, Seal with white, and black and white
Grooming Needs: Minimal

Life Span: 10 to 14 years
Exercise: 20 to 40 minutes a day
Energy Level: Average
Drool: Minimal
Snore: High
Social Attention: Moderate
Trainability: High

Boston Terrier Temperament

Although a dog’s personality and traits have plenty to do with how they are raised, the Boston Terriers have personalities and characteristics that precede and introduce them. This breed is known for its endless energy and carefree attitude.

They can showcase their silly antics and provide immense and unlimited entertainment. The Boston Terrier is also known for being smart, easy to train, loving, and sweet.

These dogs enjoy being surrounded by people and are great dogs for families, even with small children. They may look small, but they are not frail and fragile like other toy breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, and Pomeranians.

Although children still need guidance on how to play with these dogs the right way. But Boston Terriers are unlikely to get hurt or injured by small hands that may accidentally handle them a bit roughly.

Other than their snorting, grunting, snoring, and the occasional tooting, they are pretty quiet dogs. They are known not to be yappy and annoying and will only bark when they are provoked, riled up, or possibly hear something or someone at the door. This personality trait makes them excellent family watchdogs.

boston terrier health

Common Boston Terrier Health Issues

Boston Terriers are prone to respiratory problems because of their flat face, just like Pugs, Shih Tzus, and French Bulldogs. Here are other health problems your Boston Terrier might acquire:

  • Ear Infection
  • Corneal Ulcer
  • Skin Irritation
  • Allergies
  • Eye Condition
  • Neck Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Problems
  • Vomiting
  • Cancer

Boston Terrier Care Information

Boston Terriers are generally healthy dogs and require minimal medical care. Still, to give them the best quality of life, here are some tips on how to care for them:

  • Their coats may be short, but it will help if you brush them from time to time to avoid excess fur. The occasional bath will also greatly benefit them.
  • Boston Terriers are prone to overheating, so it is best to keep an eye on them, especially on hot days. Please do not leave them or let them play outside for too long in the heat.
  • This breed also gets cold quickly, so it is best to put them in a sweater and boots for dogs when walking during cold and chilly days.
    Ensure their diet is healthy and nutritious to avoid obesity and issues like joint pains and even diabetes. Try adding fruits and vegetables to their diet.
  • Always make sure that what you are feeding your dog is non-toxic for them. Foods like grapes, chocolates, onions, and garlic can cause upset stomachs and worse.
  • Exercise with your dog. Regular exercise helps avoid unwanted behaviors, boredom, and frustration.
  • Brush their teeth. You can take your dog for an annual teeth cleaning at your trusted vet.
  • Always bring your Boston Terrier to your vet when they do not seem like themselves. It is still best to let the professionals handle it.


Boston Terriers are affectionate and fun-loving dogs. They get along with everyone they meet and are perfect for any home. They need their daily exercise to keep them healthy and happy. If you give this breed love and attention, they will become the most loving and loyal best friend for life.


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